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call us for information on the fit-pc2, fit-pc2i, fit-PC3 and the Intense PC - the latest small form factor PC with an i7 CPU and other products such as touch screen displays and panel pc's or other embedded computing solutions we can offer.

Small Form Factor PC's from Compulab

The FitPC range of small form factor, rugged and extended temperature PC's include the fit-PC2, fit-PC2i, fit PC3 and Intense PC products. They are ideally suited to applications that require fanless operation and particularly in areas where the temperatrure can exceed the normal office environment. We can fit them with solid state disks and operating systems, or you can do this yourself. The fit-PC3 and the Intense share the same metal case to provide excellent temperature performance in a poweful computer that is suited to applications that require good graphics performance !

Embedded Computers


Small Form Factor Embedded Computers
fit-PC2 is the smallest, most energy-efficient fanless PC on the market. With fit-PC2 you save 96% of the power used by a standard desktop.
fit-PC2 is the most power efficient PC on the Energy-Star list. fit-PC2 is made of an embedded grade motherboard in a die-cast aluminum shell.
fit-PC3 fit-PC3 is a miniature fanless PC based on AMD G-Series APU. fit-PC3 excels in powerful graphics, low-power and rich I/O. fit-PC3 is the first miniature PC with unlimited extensibility by installing a FACE Modules Intense PC Intense PC is the first miniature fanless PC based on Intel 3nd gen Core i7. Intense PC delivers desktop-class performance in a ruggedized case smaller than most nettops. Intense PC can be adapted to specific applications by installing a FACE Modules. FACE Module

FACE Module stands for Function And Connectivity Extension Module. It is a unique extension board that integrates seamlessly into fit-PC3 and Intense PC. FACE Module specifications are published to allow 3rd parties to design their own FACE Modules.



We stock a number of varieties in Australia and can help you with the design of your software as well as supply you with the hardware. Contact us at sales@allieddata.com.au or call us on (02) 9982 1510 for the latest information.

Other items of interest

We also supply touch screen displays that may be of interest to you, plus a number of other embedded computers from Compulab and other suppliers.