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Serial Interfaces from Sealevel

Sealevel is the leader in serial interfaces using PCI, cPCI, PCIe, USB and Ethernet servers, providing from 1 to 16 serial ports in a single package. Sealevel has also developed synchronous serial interfaces. Their serial interfaces support the highest speeds and throughput. Sealevel multi-serial port products support guaranteed throughput no matter how many channels are being used. This allows the user to know that their USB or Ethernet serial server will adequately handle all their data requirements. However what separates Sealevel from its competitors is the quality of their software drivers and their excellent support of customers.


Sealevel have a wide range of high performance synchronous serial interface cards. But the card is only half the problem...Sealevel also provide excellent operating system coverage and excellent performance in demanding applications. If you need to go synchronous then you usually are doing it to maintain some specific performance criteria and Sealevel is then the choice to make. Contact us for more information....


Asynchronous serial communications covers RS232, RS422 and RS485 interfaces. Sealevel has the widest range of serial interfaces available on the market. They cover from 1 to 16 ports and multiple interface selections. What is important is the guaranteed throughput. Many of our competitors can meet the high throughput similar to the Sealevel products, however as the number of ports increases, the competitors products throughput per channel decreases, where as Sealevel guarantees their throughput per channel no matter how many channels are being used.


Sealevel has the widest range of interfaces available on the market that enable you to connect a computer to a serial interface or interfaces. They supply serial interfaces for:


In most instances Sealevel has drivers for Windows and Linux for most of their products, they can also supply source code where necessary if the need arrives. Example programs are usually available and wrap around testing programs are also usually supplied along with hardware wrap dongles to enable you to test that the card or product is operational in your system.

Other Products

Sealevel also builds discrete I/O, Relay outputs and Analog products using the interfaces given above. The newest in their product range is an embedded computer based on the ARM 9 CPU that provides the user with extensive digital and analog I/O as well as encoder inputs, Ethernet, RS 485 and USB interfaces. The product allows the user to develop their own software using Win CE and Dotnet. Or we at Allied can do this for you as we have experience in developing the applications ourselves. Sealevel also supply industrial PC's and Panel PC's.

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