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ADS has been designing and building products since 1983 for the embedded military and industrial markets. We have an extensive selection of products for a select group of suppliers and along with our own manufactured products we are able to meet most of the needs of our customers. The following provides a description of our main product areas, however we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions as products on their own are not always the end of the story.

Embedded Computers

Embedded computers are those that perform a set function within a system. As such many systems may have more than one embedded computer. The embedded computer may be anything from a small micro-controller such as a 68HC908 through to a PC based system that is "embedded" into a mechanical platform. For example we built a MIL-STD-1553 bus controller to control the gun that is installed on the to Australian Army Reconnaissance Helicopters. A conventional PC was used with a MIL-STD-1553 card from DDC, however the PC was built into the training platform and it's function was only to provide the Bus Controller function. Usually the embedded computer is either a variation of a standard part or is designed specifically for the purpose. We at Allied have a standard embedded product range based on the 68HS12 series from Freescale. We have used this part in a number of programs including the provision of a Chaff and Flare Dispenser used in the Australian Blackhawk Helicopter simulators and the the Australian Navy Mk 13 Guided Missile Launcher simulators. In addition to these we supply embedded computers from RTD and Compulab plus some high quality manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan and China.

RTD provide embedded computers and many I/O interfaces for the PC/104, PC/104+, PCI/104 and PC/104e platforms. All heir boards operate over a wide temperature range of -40 to +85 deg C. Their Rugged IDAN systems use conductive cooling to further extend their operation in adverse environments.

Compulab are the premier supply of computer on a module. We have supplied large quantities of these credit card sized modules for use in various systems from Safety systems in cranes through to engine management systems in coal mining equipment.

Sealevel provide the R9 system which is designed for use in industrial applications as it combines discrete I/O, Analogue inputs and encoder inputs into the one powerful package. Along with Win CE it makes an ideal development environment. With our Scan-X software the user has a simple yet powerful scripting language for driving their applications.

Military and Avionic Interfaces

Our Military and Avionic interfaces include:

We have been supplying these interfaces since 1983 and have also been involved in the development of parts and systems for use in the F-111, F/A18 and Hawk projects, S-70-B (RAN Seahawk), ARH-70 (Australian Army's Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter) and Australian Government Customs Coastwatch Aircraft to name a few. We have extensive knowledge on their use and we have and are still designing hardware and software.

Our suppliers include Data Device Corporation (for MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, ARINC 429, Synchro/Resolver, SSPC), L3 Communications (NTDS), ITT Defense (UWT, DSVL) and Sealevel (Tactical Radio Interfaces)

Industrial Products

Industrial interfaces cover a wide range of products that include:

Sealevel is our premier supplier for all of these products although we also supply panel PC's and Touch Screen Displays from our suppliers in Asia.

ADS Products

We have been designing products for many years for many customers. Most of our customers are repeat customers as they have found that we are a company that ensures that the development meets their requirements, is well priced and that we supplied reliable products. Some of the products/systems we have developed are:

Products and Systems Developed by Allied Data Systems for our customers
Product Name Where used Customer
Gun System Trainer Training and Demonstration system for Australian Army ARH Helicopters Australian Aerospace
SDDU Ships Data Distribution Unit used on Australian Hydrographic ships RAN
RDU Remote Display Unit used on Australian Minehunters, Hydrographic Ships, Spanish Minehunters and US Hydrographic Ships Naval
CIS Console Intercommunication System - used on RAN FFG's Thales
PTU Permission to Train System - used on RAN FFG's Thales
Mk13 GMLS Mk13 Guided Missile Launcher System Simulator - used on RAN FFG's Thales
SAPL-BC MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller - used on Australian Customs aircraft Cobham
SB36310CX PC/104 Synchro / Resolver Interface Card DDC
SB36110VX VME Synchro / Resolver Interface Card DDC
SB36350CX PC/104 5VA Reference Oscillator card DDC
SB36320CX PC/104 Digital to Synchro/Resolver Interface Card DDC