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Partnerships for Success

Our partnerships are very important for us. Without them we are just another company working with high technology. With them we supply supply solutions !

Premium Partner - Sealevel - innovative, reliable hardware and software

Tom O'Hanlan - Sealevel's Founder


Our Story In 1984, Tom O'Hanlan designed the first RS-422/485 communication adapter for the IBM PC. From that moment of inspiration, Tom and his wife Susan saw an ever-growing industry-wide need - and began work to fulfill it. In 1986, they formed Sealevel Systems, Inc. committed to providing reliable, well-designed communication adapters for the IBM PC and compatibles.

Now Sealevel not only provides the widest range of serial interface cards, but also supplies the most extensive range of MODBUS digital I/O, Isolated Inputs and Relay Outputs with Ethernet, Serial, USB and WiFi connectivity

Premium Partner - Data Device Corporation - Leadership Built on Over 45 Years of Innovation
mil-std-1553, ARINC 429, synchro

In 1964 Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduced the world's first Synchro-to-Digital converter module. Today, over 40 years later, as a global supplier of data networking solutions and the leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, DDC continues shaping the future of data conversion and networking technology, introducing Fibre Channel, and high-speed data on 1553 Cable. Our new products continue to meet the demand for increased bandwidth and faster serial communication technologies.

DDC's products meet military requirements such as high reliability, low CPU utilization, real-time performance, and ruggedness for harsh environments. Our products also cover a flexible range of performance and cost requirements. Moreover, we maintain software compatibility among different products and generations to protect our customers' investments in software development, system testing, and qualification of the end product.

Continuing our commitment to product longevity our Fibre Channel Network Access Controller and Fibre Channel Switch products were developed using in-house intellectual property independent of the life cycles of commercial devices.

Our leadership spans into Data Bus Networking, Synchro and Resolver Conversion, and Motor Drive and Solid-State Remote Power Control, supplying military, aerospace and commercial customers with cost effective, high reliability COTS/MOTS products.
Premium Partner - ITT Water - integrated treatment of water
ITT Water & Wastewater is Flygt, Sanitaire, Wedeco and Leopold, a world leader that offers fully integrated solutions for fluid handling in transport and treatment, of water and wastewater. Water and waste water treatment Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to provide high purity water under the rigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environments. These are premium quality systems engineered to be the best the industry can offer. The RO systems include an array of standard features making them suitable for most commercial and industrial applications. They are also available with optional operational and control features and ancillary equipment giving you the capability to completely customize your system. Whatever your high purity water application, the MS Series can be your solution.
Partner - RTD Embedded Technologies - Single Board Computers, Peripheral Modules, and Rugged Systems
RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of PC/104, PCI-104, PC/104-Plus, PCI/104-Express™, PCIe/104, desktop, and 19" rack compliant modules and systems.Dual Core CPU RTD fabricates cpuModules™ (Single Board Computers), dataModules®, utilityModules™ along with IDAN®, HiDAN®, and HiDANplus™ systems to exacting industrial and military specifications. RTD's Facilities include the latest in manufacturing equipment and procedures. A state of the art Automated Surface Mount Assembly System using X-Ray technology for the inspection process of BGA components along with Humidity Controlled Environmental Chamber for Extended Temperature Testing highlights the effort taken to ensure a quality product.

Corporate Headquarters is located in the Penn State Research Park in State College, Pennsylvania USA. RTD was incorporated in1985 and is a founder of the PC/104 Embedded Consortium.

RTD's Mission: To create innovative, quality computer, data acquisition and control products for industrial, military, transportation, and aerospace applications; To provide expert technical assistance and guidance
Partner - ITT Defense - Intelligence & Information Warfare (IIW)
Featured Product - Cell Hound®

Cell Hound® detects and locates all active cell phones located within or near a facility. The system utilizes an array of sensors that listen for cell phone activity. When a cellular call is detected, information about the call is transmitted via a standard Ethernet LAN to the central server. The data is processed in real-time by the software, which then displays the location of the cell phone onto a computer monitor.

Cell Hound

Cell Hound® — How It Works

Step 1: A cell phone places or receives a voice or data call.

Step 2: Sensors within receiving range of the cell phone detect the activity and record information about the cell phone. The sensors transmit the information they receive over the Ethernet LAN to the server.

Step 3: The server collects the information, compiles it, and analyzes it to determine the location of the cell phone.

Step 4: A Monitor Client running on a workstation communicates in real-time with the server and displays information from the server. The location of the cell phone and other information is displayed in the Monitor Client for security personnel to observe and act upon.
Partner - Compulab - Computer-on-modules and single board computers
CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of computer-on-module boards and miniature PC systems.

Embedded ComputingEmbedded ComputingEmbedded ComputingEmbedded ComputingEmbedded ComputingEmbedded ComputingEmbedded Computing

System-on-Module Concept

Computer-on-Modules (CoM's) are tiny single-board computers, designed for mezzanine attachment as a "component" into a carrier card developed by the user, according to his application-specific needs.

CompuLab's product line comprising CoM's based on several different processor architectures. Each module covers distinct range of price, performance and features, to create a line of comprehensive solutions for the diverse requirements of various industry sectors.

Features and benefits of CompuLab's CoM's

* All-in-one single board computers with CPU, memory and peripherals, based on ARM and x86 processor architectures.

* Very small size, many modules are smaller than a credit card.

* Pinout common for all CoM products, allowing module's interchangeability.

* NAND Flash Disk, implementing large on-board storage at low cost.

* Comprehensive software packages, drivers and support for major operating systems.

* Built-to-order manufacturing process. Users order and pay for only those functions actually needed, further reducing the user's costs.

CompuLab continues to expand its CoM line with additional products and features, to keep it on the leading edge of technological progress.


Our Partners are our suppliers, our Premium Partners are those suppliers with whom we are also included in their supply chain.