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We represent L-3 Communications "Interstate Electronics Corporation" in Australia and New Zealand.

L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation

IEC’s expertise as a technology innovator has made the company a dominant leader in high performance GPS technologies, ruggedized vehicular displays, integrated video exploitation systems, powerful instrumentation products, and extensive engineering services


L-3 IEC’s Antares™ NTDS I/O boards provide a direct interface between military computers and the industry standard VMEbus. These proven, high-performance boards offer many features that make them easy to install, easy to program and easy to operate.

HIGH PERFORMANCE NTDS Bit -slice technology provides on-board intelligence. Where high speed, specialized NTDS sequence control is required, L-3 IEC's Antares NTDS bitslice design is the proven solution. The bit-slice architecture is tailored for intelligent NTDS I/O protocol control. Users can construct I/O instruction sequences that execute rapidly without requiring host processor intervention. Users can access Antares NTDS' 15 versatile instructions to transfer and manipulate I/O data, test and set host processor semaphores, and service VMEbus interrupts in response to I/O events. On-board intelligence allows users to carry out complex NTDS protocols without assistance from the host processors. Multiple Antares NTDS boards can easily operate in a single VME chassis with a single processor or multiple processors.

Vigra Vision Products

Our Vigra® family of reconfigurable video and image processing boards and integrated mobile video systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of C4ISR applications developers and systems integrators. Vigra® products provide the flexibility to support video, image and graphics capture and display, as well as real-time video/image processing and MPEG-2 compression/decompression.

We also offer SPARC computing platforms integrated with Vigra® technology, providing “ready-to-go” solutions to meet the military’s growing demand for lighter, mobile video-based systems.

Video Scout

VideoScout® is a family of interoperable video exploitation and management systems to capture video and telemetry from a wide variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), receivers, sensors and INTEL network feeds