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Itt develops and manufactures a wide range of products including Cell Hound, ceramic actuators, transducers, transducer arrays and sensors along with underwater telephones, Doppler sonar velocity logs and sonar systems

ITT Defense IIW

For over 20 years, ITT's Intelligence and Information Warfare (IIW) division has been serving the United States government and the commercial industry with innovative solutions to solve their most difficult security problems.

With a top-notch multi-disciplinary team of engineers and developers, we use emerging technologies to provide end-to-end solutions to the intelligence community and beyond. Our custom hardware and software, systems engineering, communications systems, and signals collection and analysis-related products and services have contributed to national security, law enforcement, and anti-terrorism efforts around the world.

IIW's goal is to listen and understand our customers' needs, to develop best-value solutions to meet those needs, and to exceed customers' expectations, delivering on schedule and within budget.

Allied Data Systems is featuring IIW's Cell Hound Product.

Cell Hound® detects and locates all active cell phones located within or near a facility. The system utilizes an array of sensors that listen for cell phone activity. When a cellular call is detected, information about the call is transmitted via a standard Ethernet LAN to the central server. The data is processed in real-time by the software, which then displays the location of the cell phone onto a computer monitor.

ITT Defense Underwater Sensors

Since 1954 it has been our mission to be the premier supplier of designed and manufactured piezoelectric ceramic powders, custom and standard ceramic shapes, and an array of engineered ceramic assemblies including underwater acoustic transducers, and sonar based systems for naval and commercial applications, piezoelectric micro precision motors, actuators and bending elements. ITT’s acoustic transducers, arrays and systems continue to meet the highest United States Navy standards for underwater navigation and communications sonars.

ITT Corporation's Acoustic Sensors' 150,000 square foot facility supports all design, engineering and manufacturing as well as complete acoustic and electronic test functions. Our experienced staff of highly qualified and experienced managers, engineers, production leaders and support staff insures that the highest quality, cost-effective products are delivered to our customers.

Complete in-house capability allows Acoustic Sensors to produce all components necessary for the many stages of manufacturing, from production of piezoelectric ceramics used in the transducers and assemblies, to complete integrated systems ready for installation. We are able to maintain greater control over schedule and cost through vertical integration of the entire manufacturing process. We understand the complicated relationships that can affect product performance.

Our ability to control each step in the development process allows us to maximize performance at every level, shorten development cycles, increase product yields and reduce manufacturing costs for all of our product lines.