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Compulab's Third Generation fit-PC

The FitPC3 is the next generation fit-PC in Compulab's range of extended temperature, small form factor PC's.


The fit-PC3 embedded computer

fit-PC3 is designed around the AMD Embedded G-Series Fusion APU providing:

The APU is supplemented by up to 8 GB DDR3-1333.


For a miniature fanless system - fit-PC3 provides extremely powerful graphics features

Low power

The fit-PC product line is recognized as the most power efficient in its category and fit-PC3 is no exception.
The T40E model consumes just 7W at Windows 7 when idling, or up to 15W under full system load with dual head display. Each model’s consumption reflects the performance and efficiency of the corresponding APU.


Out-of-the-box fit-PC3 provides a set of interfaces unmatched by any computer of a similar size:

Innovative thermal design

All fit-PCs are designed for fanless operation at the smallest possible form-factor using the most reliable cooling mechanism in existence – heat dissipation through the housing itself. fit-PC3 is no different, but it takes the thermal design a step further:

  • Internal passive heat-spreader to eliminate hot-spots.
  • Power regulation based on both CPU and case temperature monitoring. If case temperature exceeds a threshold the CPU is underclocked until temperature is back within permitted range. The threshold can be configured in BIOS.

Ruggedized industrial design

Each part of the metal housing of fit-PC3 is 3D modeled and produced by die-casting for perfect fit. The streamlined design under 1” thick may be misleading – but fit-PC3 is one of the toughest computers on the market – easily withstanding industrial, automotive and outdoors installations.

Embedded grade internals

CompuLab has been making embedded computer-on-modules for over 15 years. We know that using quality parts results in returning customers. All electronic components in fit-PC3 are embedded grade with long term availability and are RoHS compliant. The standard warranty on fit-PC3 is 2 years.



We stock a number of varieties in Australia and can help you with the design of your software as well as supply you with the hardware. Contact us at sales@allieddata.com.au or call us on (02) 9982 1510 for the latest information.

Other items of interest

We also supply touch screen displays that may be of interest to you, plus a number of other embedded computers from Compulab and other suppliers.