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Test Facilities

Over the years we have done many projects and often these have required testing to various standards. We have done a large number of tests to various military standards as well as IEC and custom requirements.

Temperature and Humidity

Our temperature and humidity testing allows us to test large electronic equipment. We are able to test temperature from -40 Deg C to +150 Deg C. Our humidity test capability allows testing from approximately 10% to almost 100% non-condensing.

Shock and Vibration

We have our own shock and vibration system. It is ideally suited to testing printed circuit board assemblies and other small devices and equipment. It has been used for testing accelerometers designed into black box recording instruments for clients and performing MIL-STD-167 and MIL-STD-810 shock and vibration on military equipment.

Contract Testing

We have performed testing for customers who needed the testing performed either informally or where it required the ability for them to be intimately involved in the testing process. Our motto is "we are here to help" so we will work around you to help you get your testing performed as you need it.