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We perform manufacturing and testing for a number of our customers. For the products we manufacture, we either build in our own facility if the quantity is low or sub-contract where the quantity is higher. We always bring the product back to our facility for final test.

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

We manufacture and inspect to IPC-A-610 class 3.

Subcontract Manufacture

We control and provide kits to our subcontractors for the manufacture and loading of the PCB's The boards once manufactured are returned for inspection and test.

Prototype and small manufacturing runs

We have our own infrared surface mount reflow equipment and we have separate areas for lead based and lead-free production. We generally manufacture prototype and pre-production runs in-house.

Product Assembly

We don't just manufacture the PCB, for many of our customers we supply a completed solution that is fully assembled and tested and in some cases supplied direct to their customers