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Embedded Computers range from small microprocessors, the ARM series from Marvel and Texas, Intel Atom Based solutions through to the PCI/104e with Core 2 Duo CPU's for high powered processing.

Embedded Computers

This is what we do ! We Design, We Sell, We Program and We Manufacture Embedded Computers !

Just about every product we design or sell is an embedded computer in some shape of form.

RTD's Products

RTD is the premier supplier of everything PC/104 (which includes PC/104 plus, PCI/104 and PCI/104e). They have the broadest range of CPU's that include Geode processors from AMD and Intel up to the Core 2 Duo. The PC/104 series with high performance intel CPU's that operate over the range of -40 to +85 do require heat sinking. Most manufactures accomplish this through the use of fans. But fans in a rugged environment are ill advised. A better solution is to conductively cool the CPU. RTD's IDAN series provides this capability that allows the technology to be truly rugged. Many of the applications we have these in, a standard fan cooled system just would not survive due to dust and moisture ingress. We have them for example in aircraft flying 10 hours per day 365 days per year and Royal Australian Naval ships that sail for months at a time.

IDAN Rugged Embedded Computing


Compulab came up with the idea that a small credit card sized embedded computer with customisable features might be a low risk and lower cost solution for many companies wishing to design an embedded system. And how right they were. We have sold many thousands of their various Computer on a Module in to various projects from remotely accessible sign boards on the road side to medical instrumentation and other similar applications. And we also use their products in a number of our designs so we are well able to assist you in your design whether it be a hardware solution or a software solution...we do both...or we just help you do it all for yourself...your choice !

Embedded Computers on a module

As mentioned above we have designed a number of products for customers using the Compulab modules. Some examples of recent products we have designed are an explosion proof touch screen computer for use in the mining industry, we are writing the software for another customer to read magnetic cards and we have a system for use by a power utility company to display and control power usage remotely.


Sealevel have the Arm 9 based R9 that they have designed for remote automation projects. The advantage of this nice piece of hardware is that it has great software...no more than this it has lots of discrete I/O and analog inputs and encoder inputs and it comes in a tiny little package, either as a board that you can integrate into your system, or in its own stand alone box.

Really the software is the key to any embedded project and the Sealevel Talos I/O Framework that allows you to develop in Dotnet for the Win CE OS that runs in the R9 is....... awesome ! We at Allied have used this to develop a scripting language that runs in a scanning mode within the Talos I/O framework...just to make it even simpler....and we have also written a simulator so you can test your script before you send it to the device.

Embedded Computing

Allied....what we do 

Well we are not just a pretty (ugly ?) face, we have lots of experience developing hardware and software solutions for our clients, following is a list of some of the projects we have done and what hardware and/or software was developed for them (note: this is by no means an exhaustive list..that would be exhausting !):

Project Name What was Designed Where used
Mk13 Guided Missile Launcher Simulator We designed an embedded computer module based upon the Freescale 68HS12 series of 16 bit CPU's plus software to perform the launcher and missile functions, plus windows software for the ATP and embedded software to simulate the missile data transfers during testing. The Embedded Computer module has been used on a number of different projects and is available (see below). Royal Australian Naval ships for training. It not only saves on maintenance but allows the ships personnel to fully test their skills with the training officer able to dynamically force Dud and misfires
MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller We designed the power supply to be DO160 Compliant and used RTD and DDC hardware for the computer and MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 interfaces. Used on the Australian Customs aircraft that fly boarder watch. These aircraft (10) fly 12 hour days, day in and day out, so the system has to be reliable.
Gun System Trainer We wrote the software to perform the Bus Controller function using a DDC card in a desktop PC to fully exercise and demonstrate the gun including its speed and range of movement and the dangers this presents to the maintenance people The Gun System Trainer is an integral part of the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter used by the Australian Army
Console Intercommunication System We developed a product using a Freescale HS12 CPU to replicate the functionality of the CIS during the upgrade of the ships. The existing CIS systems were non operational and many could not be repair, additionally they would not fit within the new weapons consoles. The CIS had to be backwardly compatible and be able to operate with the existing sound power channels Used on board the Royal Australian Navel Guided Missile Frigates
AD68HS12 This is a small embedded computer board that we have used on a number of different projects. It has an uncommitted Xilinx CPLD that can be programmed to provide addition features along with the programming of the CPU itself. We have used it on the Guided Missile Launcher Simulator and a 3 or 4 other projects where we needed a quick and low risk solution including a simulation for a Flare and Chaff Dispenser for the Australian Army Blackhawk flight simulator.
GPS/GPRS Tracking System We developed the hardware and software to provide the battery charging and I/O control for use on this very small module. We also developed a mezzanine module with its own microcontroller to provide accelerometer and Bluetooth operation. Used in vehicle tracking including cars and bikes. Also provides real time information on theft, accidents and rough driving for rental car companies.
Flare and Chaff Simulator We developed an interface board to connect to a Thales Flare and Chaff control panel. We used our own ADHS12 computer module and wrote the software to provide the interface to the flight simulator. Used on the Australian Army Blackhawk flight simulator
Explosion Proof Touch Screen computer We developed the computer around the EM-X270 computer on a module from Compulab, plus our own control board with its own processor and a touch screen that work through the 10mm thick screen on the computer. Used on Mining equipment in coal mines. The key to this project is our design of the touch screen that works through the 10mm thick clear window and still allows the graphical colour 7" screen to be seen
Synchro to USB We developed the synchro/resolver to USB instrument that includes a power reference oscillator. The instrument provides software control over the input voltage and type and also provides control of the power reference oscillator. The unit uses a Freescale HC12 series CPU The instrument is sold by DDC