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Data Device Corporation

In 1964 Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduced the world's first Synchro-to-Digital converter module. Today, over 40 years later, as a global supplier of data networking solutions and the leading supplier of MIL-STD-1553 interfaces, DDC continues shaping the future of data conversion and networking technology, introducing Fibre Channel,  and high-speed data on 1553 Cable. Our new products continue to meet the demand for increased bandwidth and faster serial communication technologies.

DDC’s products meet military requirements such as high reliability, low CPU utilization, real-time performance, and ruggedness for harsh environments. Our products also cover a flexible range of performance and cost requirements. Moreover, we maintain software compatibility among different products and generations to protect our customers' investments in software development, system testing, and qualification of the end product.

Continuing our commitment to product longevity our Fibre Channel Network Access Controller and Fibre Channel Switch products were developed using in-house intellectual property independent of the life cycles of commercial devices.

Our leadership spans into Data Bus Networking, Synchro and Resolver Conversion, and Motor Drive and Solid-State Remote Power Control, supplying military, aerospace and commercial customers with cost effective, high reliability COTS/MOTS products.


Commercial 1553 - Military grade performance - Airbus chooses DDC's 1553 components for A350 flight controls


MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus - DDC is the world leader in rugged and militarized data bus technologies
ARINC 429 - DDC leaders in the field of innovative ARINC hardware and software solutions

The R9 delivers RISC computing power using the latest CE 6.0 embedded software environment. The unmatched I/O features extend the capabilities beyond traditional RISC applications. The R9 is perfect for embedded applications requiring small size, wide operating temperature range, and flexible I/O connectivity.
Power Controllers
DDC supplies motor drive and controller solutions for brush, 3-phase brushless and induction motors, operating from 28 Vdc to 270 Vdc. Our Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) / Remote Power Controllers (RPCs) replace traditional electromechanical components in power switching and distribution systems.

SSPC and Motor Drives
Synchro / Resolver - DDC was the first, and DDC remains strong in the field with the widest and best range
DDC offers a complete line of Synchro and Resolver angle position indicator (API) and simulator (SIM) cards and components. Card form factors include PCI, PC/104, cPCI, PMC, VME, and ISA. Card and component features include programmable resolution, bandwidth and velocity. Accuracies to 1 arc minute with 1 LSB of repeatability.

Synchro Resolver
Fibre Channel - Just another example that DDC is the leader in hi-speed militarized data bus technology
DDC's Fibre Channel product line includes the FibreACCESS Network Access Controller (NAC) and the FibreMATRIX Switch, both specifically designed to support high-speed and high-reliability data networking applications.

Military Fibre Channel


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