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A very large part of our on going business is the supply of embedded computers. Our range extends from the fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i through to the Arm 9 embedded platform and other Compulab embedded computers along with PC/104 plus computers and other systems.

We also provide turn-key solutions including additional hardware and software design around the embedded computers to make them into a system.


Compulab is a leading manufacturer of "Computer on Module" (CoM) boards. Compulab's products excel with an advanced set of features, outstanding level of integration, high reliability and affordable prices. Compulab is the only company in the market focused on the CoM business.

System-on-Module Concept

Computer-on-Modules (CoM's) are tiny single-board computers, designed for mezzanine attachment as a "component" into a carrier card developed by the user, according to his application-specific needs.

Compulab's product line comprising CoM's based on several different processor architectures. Each module covers distinct range of price, performance and features, to create a line of comprehensive solutions for the diverse requirements of various industry sectors.

Features and benefits of Compulab's CoM's

Compulab have a wide range of embedded products, a small selection is provided below.

EM-X270 is a full-featured computer board, designed specifically for handheld / mobile implementations. Its functional contents are similar to the latest generation of Pocket PC's and smartphones, including all types of wireless, satellite and cellular connectivity found in today's state-off-the-art mobile devices. Yet, it is designed to serve custom implementations, retaining the flexibility expected from an embedded computer board. Available with an optional display, battery with charger and keypad, the EM-X270 offers a self-contained solution requiring just an enclosure for implementing the final custom product.

The feature set of the EM-X270 board combines a 32-bit CPU, SDRAM, Flash Disk and vital computing peripherals. On-board wireless interfaces include WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular Voice/GPRS modem. The last interface enables the device to act essentially as a customized cellular phone.

EM-X270 has several connectors and slots as used in PDA's and also an internal extension connector for application-specific add-on's. Ready-to-run Windows CE and Linux packages are available from Compulab

fit-PC - small form factor PC's

The fit-PC2 and fit-PC2i are a tiny PC computers based on Intel's Atom Z530 processor and US15W chipset. It runs all standard operating systems and software packages. The fit-PC2's unique advantages include exceptionally small size, quiet, fanless operation and very low power consumption. They make an ideal solution for applications such as office desktop, home entertainment, point-of-sale, classroom computer and even specialized router.