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Hardware Development

A large proportion of what we do as a company is to develop hardware and embedded computing systems for our customers. We have done a number of systems for the Australian Defence Department, however our major customers are currently in the mining industries. The development often includes the packaging and we have the ability to do a complete design for our customers. Following is a summary of some of the projects we have done or are working on.

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller

We built the MIL-STD-1553 bus controller that is used on the Australian Customs Border Watch aircraft. This design included the development of a PC/104 power supply to meet the commercial aircraft standard DO160. We also wrote the software for this to perform the BC function.

GPS / GPRS Tracking System

We have developed a GPS tracking system that is principally used in cars and other vehicles, however as we integrated an accelerometer and Bluetooth communication into the unit it has found other applications including for bikes and motor scooters, personal protection and other unique applications. The unit is the first on the market that is able to detect an accident or rough driving, so is ideally suited for use in rental and car share programs.

Explosion Proof Touch Screen Computer

We developed a touch screen that works through 10mm clear polycarbonate for use with an ARM based computer for the mining industry. Additional features have and are being added to this computer that include the display of video from cameras and maintenance alarms. A additional design process was undertaken to provide it for use in down hole display of data from a drill head.


Embedded Computer

Explosion Proof LED Lighting

We developed have developed LED lighting for us in mining applications. The first product was a head light that conforms to the Australian Standard for head lights on mining vehicles used in coal mines. The unit produces the same light output as a quartz halogen lamp but uses 1/3 of the power and generates very little heat. We are currently developing flood lighting for use in mines.