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Embedded Computers * Military and Avionic Data Bus Interfaces * Industrial Interfaces * PC/104

We design, manufacture and sell embedded computinmg solutions

Analogue I/O

Allied has extensive experience with analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion.

Distributed Analog I/O

Our representation of Sealevel in Australia provides a range of analog I/O that provides remote connection through Ethernet, WiFi, USB, RS232 and RS485 interfaces. They are ideally suited to factory automation.

Embedded Computing Solutions

Embedded computing often includes Analog I/O and the solutions we offer are no different.

PC/104, PC/104+ and PCI/104

We supply PC/104, PC/104plus and PCI/104 from RTD Embedded and Sealevel.

R9 Integrated solutions

The R9 embedded computer from Sealevel provides A/D along with discrete I/O in a small embedded package that runs Win CE. Along with Sealevel's Talos framework we have Scan-X - a simple scripting language to provide a repetitive scan approach to I/O control.