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Embedded Computing solutions

Our Products

Over the years since inception we have developed hundreds of products, many are for specific customers, however some have been specifically developed for sale in their own right and some, developed as part of a project have a wider application.

68HSC12 Embedded Computer Module

Measuring just 75mm x 100mm, this module provides the ideal quick to market solution for the 68HS12 CPU from Freescale. This module also has an uncommitted Xilinx CPLD that the user can program for their own use.

Synchro Products

Most of our synchro products are sold through Data Device Corporation, the following provides a list of those products.

Flame Proof (Explosion Proof) Touch Screen Computer

Our explosion proof, touch screen computer is sold through Setco and is used principally in mining and drilling applications. The computer uses the Setco explosion proof housing with a custom designed touch screen that works through the 10mm thick front window of the housing. The computer is an ARM based computer on a module with an interface board that we have designed. We have written software specifically for maintenance tracking for coal mining equipment, however there are a number of application where the computer has been used with some of our customers having written their own software with our assistance. The computer can run either Linux or Windows CE.Embedded Computer

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller

We designed a MIL-STD-1553 Bus controller to operate on the Australian Customs Dash-8 aircraft that operate around Australia's northern coast line providing boarder watch services. The Bus controller transfers the data from a Honeywell INS to a Raytheon Radar. It also modes the INS during power on. We designed a PC/104 power supply to comply with DO-160 aircraft specifications.

MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller