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Military Systems Developed by Allied

We have been supplying systems for military projects for 20 plus years. The following provides some information on a number of the projects we have worked on.

FFG Upgrade

The FFG upgrade was undertaken by Thales Australia and involved the upgrade of many systems including the combat systems on board the ship. We were contracted by Thales to develop the Permission to Train System and the Console Intercommunication System. We also under took the maintenance of the source code for the Mk-75 Gun Simulator and recently we upgraded the Mk13 Guided Missile Launcher Simulator to include SM2 missiles.

Surveillance Australia

While not strictly speaking a military program, it had all the hallmarks of being one. What we designed was a MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller to control the Inertial Navigation System and the Search Radar both of which were military kit. They were mounted onto the DASH 8's that the Australian Customs Service use to fly coast watch.

Australian Aerospace

We were contracted by Australian Aerospace to provide a MIL-STD-1553 control system to be used as a maintenance aid to demonstrate the operation of the gun mounted in the front of the Australian Army Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter. The task was to demonstrate to the maintenance people how fast the gun can move and how dangerous it is if you are standing in the way when it does move. The hardware used a DDC MIL-STD-1553 card mounted in a PC. We supplied a number of preset movement algorithms in the software that acts as the bus controller.

CAE Australia

CAE provide a lot of the simulation work in Australia for various aircraft, both military and commercial. CAE contracted us to develop and interface board to work with the Chaff and Flare dispenser on the Australian Army's Blackhawk Helicopter Simulator. The dispenser is manufactured by Thales and we were provided with the front panel only. We designed a custom interface board to work with our Embedded MC68HS12 computer module that has been used on a number of other projects to interface to the panel. We provided an RS 422 interface to CAE plus a simple protocol that enabled them to read the switch positions and to write to the indicators and displays.

Other Military Projects

We have done a number of other military projects that include a Ship's Data Distribution Unit that is mounted on the Australian Hydrographic Ships, Remote displays for the Doppler Sonar Velocity Log's that are mounted on to the Australian Hydrographic Ships, the Australian Coastal Minehunters, Spanish Minehunters and US Hydrographic Ships. We supplied a Synchro power booster for the Australian Submarines manufactured by ASC, we supplied a number of synchro to serial interface units for various Australian Naval Ships. We also built the Memory loader Verifier that Honeywell supplied to the Australian Air Force for the F111's.

This is a small selection of innovative designed that we have done over the years. We have been operating since 1983 so have over the years performed many tasks and designed many systems that perform and small but important part of the Australian Defence systems that support our services.