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The above links will take you to pages on our web site that have some more detailed information. However please do not hesitate to call, or email us with what you are looking for. Our contact page will show you how to get hold of us.

Industrial Interfaces

Along with embedded computers we supply a large range of industrial interfaces. We have for a long time been involved in the design and manufacture of specialised industrial interfaces and this compliments our standard product from Sealevel, RTD and others. We are able to supply turn key systems that include software and hardware to perform specific functions. For example we supplied the PLC's and wrote the software including SCADA display software for the water treatment pants used by Sigma Pharmaceuticals to provide their pure water reverse osmosis filtration system. This page provides information on our standard products, such as those from Sealevel, RTD and all that other stuff as well.

Sealevel Products

Sealevel is our premier supplier of standard product for industrial interfaces. The have an extensive range of digital interfaces including TTL I/O, open collector, isolated inputs, relay outputs and A to D/ D to A. However Sealevel started with serial interfaces...that was the original business, so they have the most extensive range available and are the leaders in this field. Recently Sealevel has broken into the rugged embedded computer market. They are a dynamic company with great technical support and the best warranty in the world. Their product range is so extensive that it is best to go directly to their web site at www.sealevel.com to find what you need. We have a shipment that leaves usually every Friday and arrives the following Monday, so in most cases we deliver it to you on the Tuesday. <Back to top>

Digital I/O and Relay Interfaces.

The best way to start is to work out what you primary interface is from your computer. The interfaces we can support you with are PCI, PCIe (PCI Express), PC/104, USB, Ethernet, WiFi, RS232 and RS 485.

Having determined how your computer is going to work with the interface, the next is to choose the appropriate interface, these include configurable I/O, relays, isolated inputs, open collector outputs, A to D's and D to A's.

If using an external interface to your computer, then you will usually be using MODBUS protocol to drive them.

Several of Sealevel's products are designed into industrial systems using APC's netbotz where they provide the interfaces for alarms and other critical warning systems in data centres. <Back to top>

Serial Interfaces

Sealevel has the most extensive range of serial interfaces for your computer. These include PCI, cPCI (compact PCI), PCIe (PCI Express), PC/104, USB and Ethernet. Sealevel supplies asynchronous seral Interfaces for all of these computer interfaces, from 1 channel to 16 channels and Sealevel product maintain their guaranteed throughput unlike the Chinese and Taiwanese copies.

Sea level's Synchronous Serial Interfaces are extensively used in critical control systems. The 9065 product provides a synchronous serial interface to your USB port for interfacing to military radios. Their PCI products are extensively used in rail signalling systems. <Back to top>

RTD Embedded Products

RTD Embedded Computers specialises in PC/104, PC/104+, PCI104 and PC104 Express interfaces and computer modules The have the most extensive range of PC/104 computer hardware and it is all designed to operate over extended temperatures. The IDAN system is a rugged computing system that is conductively cooled and extremely rugged, and when that isn't enough then we can always go to the HiDAN where military connectors can be used and increase EMC performance can be obtained. Basically, if you want a rugged small form factor computing system, then RTD can supply just about any system and interface you want. If that is not enough then we can add to it from our other suppliers and our own boards. For example, one of our customers needed a system to operate from D0160 aircraft power. When we could not find one commercially available designed it. They also needed a MIL-STD-1553 interface so we built DDC's BU 65590 PC/104plus 1553 card into the IDAN system, then we wrote all the software to make it work as Bus Controller on the aircraft. Then we have a software upgrade to provide ARINC 429 as well.

So if you have a need for an embedded system....then we can fill it. If you want to check RTD's products out then the best way is to go directly to their web site at www.rtd.com. <Back to top>

All that other stuff

Well what else do you want ? So here is a sort of list of the other things that might be of interest.....but it is by no means exhaustive.

Computers including Panel PC's, Touch Screen Computers, Computer on Modules (COM) from Compulab, EVOC, Axiomtek, Touch Screen.

Then there are the peripheral bits and pieces such as LCD's and Touch Screens, batteries etc.

And then there are the custom things that we design around these to make your system what it is or will be. For example we have designed a touch screen that works through 10mm polycarbonate for a touch screen computer to operate in an explosion proof case, and we have design LED lighting for use as head lights on mining vehicles, and we have designed LED lighting for use in pools, we have designed a GPS tracking system that also incorporates Bluetooth and an accelerometer that can detect when you vehicle has been in a accident. We have designed a bunch of equipment used on board frigates, including a simulator for the guided missile launching system that allows live training...without actually firing a missile. We have also done some work on an instrument for determining the tenderness of that piece of steak you were thinking about having...so that it can be graded before you cook it so that you will find that it is just as good as it looked when you bought it. So if it is not a standard off the shelf thing then talk to us about that as well. <Back to top>